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A selection of content about our Legal Centre:

Legal Centre Lesbos Press Release, 11 January 2017

ELDH report on the activities of the Lesvos Legal Centre,, Carlos Orjuela, 13 October 2016

Greece is forced to commit widespread human rights abuses under EU rules,, Kirsteen Shields, 23 September 2016

AYS Digest 22/09: 2016 will be the deadliest year on record in the Mediterranean Sea – Mayday!, Are You Syrious!, 22 september 2016

Mosaik Support Center: A Mosaic of Personalities in the Heart of the City,, 01 September 2016: an article about the Mosaik Support Center, where our Legal Centre is located (english translation available here).

Human rights and solidarity in action, Socialist Lawyer, No. 73 (June 2016)